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can’t find my beef coupon for food lion… T____T beef was on sale today too… darn it.

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I am starting to really feel like a square surrounded by circles.

I am sitting on my toilet seat right now, and I was cleaning myself up.

1. my ______ is on fire….

2.There is blood….

Too much hot italian sausage this weekend… 

I was worried I didn’t cook the sausage through, but that was the least of my worries… pain…

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I just realized my aim app on my computer doesn’t have an away message D:….

What the heck 



My favorite away messages


Something about smile because you thought of me…

or I’m away.


noooo I forgot… darn it


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So… Thoughts of the Night, its been a while.

Just want to say that it feels like there is a lot of gray in this world.  I want to live in a world full of vibrant colors.  Where are your passions?  Your burning desires.  It should just leak and radiate from you. 

I’m not speaking to anyone specific.  Just people.  

Its crazy when I look ahead, and I see the real world coming my way.  Don’t know what to do yet, but we’ll see what happens.  I can’t get swallowed by this world, but there is such a high chance that it scares me.

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His visions held the spark of revolution…

… his most devoted of all was his Disciple…

… the Dolorosa was less fortunate, and was sold into slavery. She spent the rest of her life as property of vicious sea dwellers…

… Her Condescension grew so enamored of her Helmsman and his power, she would use her touch to extend his lifespan to match her own…

This is the story of the Signless.

Sufferer | Disciple | Dolorosa | Mindfang | Condesce | Psiioniic

Uncut HQ GIFs: S/D | D/M | C/P

Source Video: mamuro5254i

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What would it be like to cut off everything (internet via social media)?

What would it tell you?